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Some of my fondest memories were made in the backyard of my childhood home. I adored spending time outside with my two dogs. I also loved to play volleyball and basketball with my family members and friends. Do you have kids who always seem to have excessive energy to burn? If your kids get tired of staying indoors when at home, consider hiring a paving contractor to build a sports court in your backyard. After determining what type of sports your kids enjoy playing, your paving contactor can likely suggest what size and type of court you’ll need. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a paving contractor can help you get the backyard of your dreams. Enjoy!

2 Important Qualities Your Asphalt Pavement Needs To Help Give It A Long-Lasting Durability

When you install a paved asphalt surface in your yard, you want it to look nice and remain as strong as possible to help it last many years. Maintenance of your asphalt surface is required and inevitable, but having your asphalt installed in the right way gives your asphalt a strong start to its being a durable pavement for you. Here are two recommended installation tips you should use when building your next asphalt pavement to help it remain a long-lasting and strong surface. Read More 

Understanding Asphalt Driveway Cracking Issues

If you need a new driveway, then an asphalt one is a good option if you want something that will last a long time. While this is true, you will likely notice some cracks forming in the asphalt surface after the installation is completed. Cracks will typically form in as little as one year. If you want to know why these cracks develop and also what should be done when they start to appear, then keep reading. Read More 

Three Tips For Making Your Driveway Last As Long As Possible When You Live In An Area Prone To Harsh Winter Weather

Living in an area of the country that is prone to wet, wintery weather can take a toll on a driveway. You need to be sure that you take proper care of it if you want it to last as long as it possibly can. The guide below walks you through a few ways to keep your driveway looking great for years to come when you live in an area with harsh winters. Read More 

What’s Destroying The Edges Of Your Driveway?

If you have an asphalt driveway that has crumbling, cracking edges but no other damage, you may have started inspecting the ground around the driveway for signs of erosion, as well as banning people from playing basketball, using skateboards, and so on near the edges. All those can create damage by undermining the asphalt or crushing it (even something as seemingly harmless like playing a little basketball in the driveway can lead to impact damage), but there are other issues that you have to look out for. Read More 

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

If you have installed a brand new asphalt driveway, you just spent a lot of hard earned money. That asphalt was a great idea because it can last a very long time, and look very nice. However, if not properly cared for, asphalt can fall to pieces in a short while. There are multiple reasons that asphalt needs to be well maintained, but the most important is that you want it to stay looking sharp and functioning properly for as long as possible. Read More