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Common Concrete Repair Questions Homeowners May Need To Have Answered

Concrete is commonly used for residential patios and driveways, but first-time homeowners may not have the experience necessary to be informed about repairing damaged concrete. When this is the case, it can be easier to make oversights that can allow these damages to greatly worsen. Once you are informed about the following few answers to common concrete repair questions, you will be better able to ensure that these parts of your home are kept in the best condition possible.

Can Concrete Be Repaired During The Winter Months?

It is a common misconception that concrete repairs will have to wait until the summer to be done. Unfortunately, the winter months can be particularly damaging to concrete. This is due to the formation of ice. In addition to adding tremendous weight to the surface of the concrete, ice can also work its way between the cracks in the concrete. Once the ice is in the crack, it can exert enough force on the concrete to cause the crack to deepen and lengthen. Due to these reasons, you should have any damage that you notice during the winter repaired the next time the temperature goes above freezing for a few days.

How Do You Prepare The Concrete To Be Repaired?

In order for a concrete repair to be effective, the patch must fully bond to the concrete. To help ensure that the patch fully bonds to the concrete, you will want to thoroughly wash the damaged area prior to applying the patch. An effective option for this maintenance is to pressure-wash the concrete. This high-powered jet of water will be able to remove the stubborn dirt, mildew and other substances that can inhibit the patch from bonding.

Are Concrete Repairs Always Noticeable?

Some homeowners will be hesitant about pursuing concrete repairs because they are concerned about the patches being extremely noticeable. While it is true that patches will appear to be a slightly different color or texture than the rest of the pavement, you can help to minimize these effects by applying a concrete stain or seal coat. These substances will help to even out the color of the concrete, which will make the repairs less noticeable.

If you insist that the repairs not be noticeable at all, you will need to opt for resurfacing. During resurfacing, the first few inches of the pavement are removed so that a fresh layer of concrete can be poured. This will repair surface damage without the need for unsightly patches, but it will be far more expensive and time-consuming than simply patching the damaged area.

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