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Repave Your Parking Lot So It Looks Like New on Your Restaurant's Opening Day

If you're planning to open a new restaurant, you spend a lot of time and money on making the building as inviting as possible. Appearances are just as important as the quality of food you serve. For that reason, you don't want to forget about your parking lot. If your restaurant is in an older building with an older lot, the asphalt may be cracked, faded, and sinking in areas. You can improve the appearance of the lot by having it repaved, and this is quicker, easier, and cheaper that putting in a new lot. This is how it works.

Start with an Inspection

The first step to fixing up your parking lot is to have it inspected by an asphalt contractor. If the asphalt is in good shape, but it is faded and cracked in areas, all you may need is repair work and a new topcoat added. If the lot has been neglected for a long time, rain may have seeped through cracks and holes and washed away the base. If the base isn't stable, you'll probably have to have the old asphalt torn out and a new lot installed. If the base is stable but the lot is full of cracks, crumbles, and some sunken areas, then repaving is the ideal solution.

Prep Work Comes Next

Before a new layer of asphalt can be applied, the contractor has to prep your lot. The lot needs to be swept and cleaned. This can be done with a sweeper truck that gets rid of rocks and sand that might keep the new layer from bonding. Then the contractor makes any repairs that are necessary such as installing new drains or leveling sunken areas. Potholes and cracks will be filled automatically as the new asphalt is applied, so the contractor won't have to spend time repairing these. Your lot may not need much repair work done, but if it does need to have the drainage or slope improved, this is a good time to do it.

The Paving Begins

A new layer of asphalt does two things. For one, it fills in all the damaged areas in the old asphalt so the holes and big alligator cracks are filled in, and this keeps the cracks from spreading. Next, the new layer of asphalt freshens the appearance of your lot. It covers the ugly, faded color of the old asphalt and restores it to a deep black color that makes it look like new. You'll want to time the paving with the contractor to make sure the lot is dry and ready for cars on the opening day of your restaurant.

Once the paving is done, the contractor will apply parking lines, arrows, and other signs you want in your lot. A freshly paved lot will complement the appearance of your new restaurant, and this is important since the lot and exterior of the building is what makes the first impression of your business. If you maintain the lot properly by having a new sealcoat put on every few years, you can keep your parking lot in good shape for years to come, and this gives you a good return on your paving investment.

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