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How You Know Your Commercial Driveway Needs Professional Repaving Services

The driveway is not the first place that comes to mind when business owners think about their business environment. Often, they only think about servicing the commercial driveway when it gets serious issues such as potholes, alligator cracks, and other obvious signs of damage. While asphalt is a very durable paving material, it is not immune to harsh weather. The UV rays, water, chemical spills, and freeze and thaw cycles usually damage the driveway's surface. 

Your responsibility is to be on the lookout for likely signs that your commercial driveway is deteriorating. Take these three signs as an indicator that you need to call a pavement contractor for driveway repaving.

Do You Often Have Standing Pools of Water in the Driveway?

The presence of water on a paved driveway is an indicator of an underlying problem. Typically, most contractors design commercial driveways that allow the water from the rain to flow into the drainage ditches on the side. Standing water comes from either deep cracks in the asphalt or potholes and other depressions. 

The problem might seem easy to fix, and you might even want to seal the potholes and keep using the driveway. However, the cracks will recur if they form because the lower layers had problems. It is best to get a paving contractor to assess your commercial pavement and recommend the best solution.

Does Your Pavement Look Washed-out and Faded?

Naturally, asphalt should have a deep black color. However, the harmful ultraviolet rays wash out the color and leave behind a dull-gray and deteriorating finish. While fading might seem like a minor problem that you can ignore, it might also signal a bigger problem. 

The ultraviolet rays usually weaken the bonds that bind together the pavement, making it more susceptible to cracks and potholes. If your commercial driveway shows any signs of distress, get a paving contractor to assess it and determine if it is time to repave it.

Does Your Pavement Resemble an Alligator's Back?

Another indicator that you need to call a repaving contractor is when your driveway cracks to resemble an alligator's hide. The cracks develop because the foundation is weak. When the substrate cannot hold the weight of the vehicles, the top layer disintegrates. The only permanent solution is to repave the entire section of the commercial pavement. If the cracks are deep and numerous, the contractors will replace the substrate with a stronger driveway.

A professional will assess your commercial pavement to decide whether they should repave it. With their help, you will get new, durable, and aesthetically-appealing pavements around your commercial property. For more information about commercial paving services, contact a local professional.