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4 Unique Solutions Asphalt Paving Contractors Can Offer To Fix Pooling Water On Your Driveway

Your driveway's aesthetic appeal and integrity are subject to various elements, including weather and wear. Unfortunately, pooling water is one of the most common problems that homeowners face when it comes to asphalt driveways. If left untreated, this problem can cause further damage to your driveway and also be a safety hazard. Professional asphalt paving contractors can provide comprehensive solutions to correct this issue. Below are a few unique services they can offer to get rid of pooling water on your driveway and restore it to its former glory.

Re-sloping the Driveway 

Uneven driveways can lead to water pooling in certain areas. For instance, if an area of the driveway is inclined towards a low point that water can accumulate there. Asphalt paving contractors can re-slope your driveway to ensure all water runs off of the surface. The solution is especially useful for driveways in hot climates with frequent heavy rains. If needed, the contractors can also add a drainage system to ensure water doesn't accumulate at all.

Installing Catch Basins

Catch basins are especially useful for driveways that have a single low point where water tends to accumulate. These structures can help collect and store water until it can be discharged in an appropriate manner. Your contractors can install such devices on your property to effectively manage pooling water on your driveway.

Repairing Cracks and Filling Potholes

Small cracks and potholes on the driveway can also increase the chances of water pooling on its surface. Asphalt paving contractors can repair these defects by sealing the cracks and filling in potholes. They will also ensure any new repairs are made using high-grade materials and are of the highest quality. If needed, they can also overlay the entire driveway with a new asphalt layer to completely restore its integrity.

Repaving or Resurfacing

Pooling water on your driveway can also be caused by a lack of proper maintenance. If the asphalt surface is worn out, water may not flow off it properly. In such cases, your contractors may suggest repaving or resurfacing the driveway with a new layer of asphalt. This cost-effective solution will offer a long-term solution to your pooling water problem and enhance the overall look of your driveway.

Depending on the cause of pooling water on your driveway, asphalt paving contractors can provide unique solutions to fix it. From re-sloping the driveway to repaving or resurfacing it, they will ensure you have a safe and attractive driveway. Contact a paving contractor today to discuss your options.