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4 Reasons Why Asphalt Is Ideal For Residential Driveways

When choosing a material for your driveway, you usually have three basic options: concrete, gravel, and asphalt. Each material has its pros and cons. If you aren't familiar with each material, you may be unsure of what will work best for your driveway. This article will explain why asphalt might be the right material for your new driveway.

Asphalt has several benefits that you might find useful for your residential property.

1. Asphalt is quiet

Because asphalt is flexible and porous, it is effective at absorbing noise. In fact, research shows that asphalt is 3 decibels quieter than concrete when used as paving. And some asphalt paving services may offer several types of asphalt, with some types being even quieter than average asphalt. Concrete and gravel driveways are noisier than asphalt driveways.

If you want to ensure that you don't disturb your family while parking in your driveway at night, an asphalt driveway is the right choice for your new driveway.

2. Asphalt is safe

If safety is a primary concern of yours, asphalt is a good choice for your driveway. The tires of the average car have excellent traction when driving on asphalt roads. This extra gripping power helps to prevent cars and vehicles from skidding. While parking your car then, you can be sure that you won't skid or slide out of position.

Asphalt is also safer than gravel since there are no small stones to kick up as you park your car. Asphalt driveways are also smooth and free of seams or stones. This makes them less of a hazard for children.

Finally, because asphalt is dark in color, it absorbs the sun's heat and thus is effective at melting snow and ice during the winter.

3. Asphalt is easy to maintain

Although asphalt does expand and crack during cold winters, you can repair the damage by patching over cracks and damaged areas. You can also relayer over old layers if your asphalt driveway has suffered damage. Concrete, on the other hand, is more difficult to maintain and repair since you need to replace entire slabs that suffer damage.

4. Asphalt installation is fast

If you need a new driveway quickly, then choose an asphalt driveway. An asphalt paving service can install an asphalt driveway quickly and have it ready to use within a few days.

If you are in need of a new driveway, consider choosing an asphalt driveway, for its safety, ease of maintenance, quietness, and fast installation. For more information on asphalt services, contact a company near you.