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Some of my fondest memories were made in the backyard of my childhood home. I adored spending time outside with my two dogs. I also loved to play volleyball and basketball with my family members and friends. Do you have kids who always seem to have excessive energy to burn? If your kids get tired of staying indoors when at home, consider hiring a paving contractor to build a sports court in your backyard. After determining what type of sports your kids enjoy playing, your paving contactor can likely suggest what size and type of court you’ll need. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a paving contractor can help you get the backyard of your dreams. Enjoy!

Benefits Of Choosing A Gravel Driveway

Driveways can be made with several types of materials, but one material has a nice combination of aesthetics and affordability. There are many types and colors of gravel making it ideal for almost any home.

Low Cost And Maintenance

A major advantage of gravel is the material is more cost-effective than alternatives like asphalt and concrete. Both the initial investment and long-term maintenance are more affordable. There are multiple forms of gravel that can fit most any budget. Gravel is much easier and faster to install because it doesn't have to be mixed and there is no waiting period for it to dry. Before the gravel can be laid, the ground will require some preparation to ensure the area under the gravel is stable.

Although asphalt and concrete are often chosen because they require little maintenance, gravel is also a low-maintenance material. Periodically raking the gravel to smooth it out will help it stay even. Both asphalt and concrete can crack or shift, especially if the underlying ground becomes unstable. If the gravel becomes uneven or otherwise needs maintenance, a small amount of gravel can be added so it can be evened out. Weeds can erupt through the gravel, but there are simple fixes. Before the gravel is installed, a weed barrier is placed underneath the gravel to keep weeds away. Additionally, the usual weed sprays you use on your lawn can be used to spot-treat weeds as needed.

You should also add a thin layer of gravel periodically. Since the gravel will compress over time, adding small layers of gravel may be necessary to maintain the height of the driveway and keep it flush with the surrounding area. Gravel might be a preferred material in areas that receive a lot of rain or there are current issues with water forming puddles on the driveway. Since gravel has excellent drainage, it is ideal when ponding is a concern. Unlike with more solid materials, water is able to make its way under the gravel and into the ground below.

Versatile Aesthetics

Traditional concrete driveways can be plain and an asphalt driveway can look more like a parking lot than part of the residence. Gravel is far more aesthetically pleasing because it melds well with various housing designs and landscape colors. The size of different types of gravel can be utilized as a design feature. Larger, angular pieces of gravel often look more rustic and can work well in rural areas. Smaller, more compact pieces of gravel that look more like a single cohesive unit may look better with modern, more sophisticated housing designs. Aquarium gravel is one of the more versatile options. The pieces are small and smooth and come in a mix of various shades of brown, white, and gray, allowing them to be attractive with most architectural styles.

When choosing a material for your driveway, you should consider gravel. In addition to the affordable price and low maintenance, gravel can add to the aesthetics of your landscape. For more information, contact a company like E Cooper Contracting.